In-home ABA therapy

The Little Star Center In-Home ABA therapy program is one of a kind!

After an assessment, our Little Star Center team may recommend therapy take place at home and in community settings, instead of coming to a Little Star Center facility. In-Home ABA therapy is for learners who are focusing on adaptive living skills and are currently in a community setting, but perhaps struggling to maintain independence without additional support.In-home ABA therapy

The assessment and decision are based on factors that include social skills and milestone skills (first steps and counting, for example). Programs for our individuals in the In-Home Program are individualized based upon the need identified via observations of the individual in a variety of settings, report from parents, formal assessments, physician reports, etc.

A parent’s involvement along with key members’ of the learner’s support community increase the likelihood of success and provide a collaborative and “family like” approach to ABA therapy. Our team of BCBAs and RBTs are passionate about the clinical therapy and support they provide for learners and their families.

Our professional team is committed to providing an individualized ABA therapy program for every learner. The goal is for best outcome with the proper behavioral support and collaboration with parents and people in the community who are also committed to your child’s success.

The Little Star Center In-Home Therapy program currently serves families in central Indiana, specifically Marion and the doughnut counties.