Autism therapy, applied behavior analysis

autism therapyLooking for autism therapy Indiana? Little Star Center is a non-profit, applied behavior analysis (ABA) facility with programs for families with children affected by autism in Indiana. Our professional and caring team works with children throughout the state of Indiana. We were the first ABA facility operating in the state of Indiana opening in Carmel in 2002.

ABA therapy is endorsed by the United States Surgeon General for individuals with autism and other development delays. Over 30 years of research documents the efficacy of ABA therapy in reducing inappropriate behavior and in increasing communication, learning, and appropriate social behavior. Little Star Center provides year-round therapeutic intervention for children with autism based on the science of ABA.

We offer three levels of programming: Early Learner, Little Star, and Middle Star. All programs are designed around the skill levels, emotional ability, and interests of our learners.  Our programs range from center- to home- to community-based.

Little Star Center Programs

Little Star Center offers intensive intervention based on the principles of applied behavior analysis and verbal behavior. Therapy is delivered one-to-one by trained therapists who are supported by an exceptional team. Each team consists of a clinical director, assistant clinical director, program manager, team leader and several front-line therapists. Your child will have opportunities throughout the day to participate in small groups with peers during circle/calendar time, centers, play/social time and lunch. Other activities include community outings, music and physical play.

Children ready for more instruction will be placed in cognitive (language, reading, math) development groups. However, the majority of your child’s day will be spent working on his/her specific program goals. Because of the one-to-one ratio, the therapy is intense. This intense therapy gives your child the opportunity to respond hundreds of times each hour – that is, each skill is practiced again and again until it becomes natural and routine. Your child works at his/her own pace on skills that are meaningful to them. Your child will have his/her own work space but therapy may take place in a variety of settings (lunch room, motor room, group room, playground, etc) to allow for the opportunity of skill generalization.

When the time is right, we begin toilet training, food expansions programs and life skills programs, if necessary.

The community-based programs at Little Star offer younger children the opportunity to engage in public outings and older children/young adults the opportunity to gain independence by participating in activities found in public settings. These programs are centered on self-advocacy, daily living and social skills. These individualized programs can offer vocational support, if needed. Community-based programs may consist of tasks such as weekly grocery shopping (buying items from a grocery list, staying within budget, navigating the grocery store), dining out (choosing a restaurant, ordering from the menu, having polite conversation, paying for the meal and tipping), shopping for occasional items, such as shoes, socks, etc. (choosing appropriate store, choosing appropriate item, staying within budget, purchasing item) or riding public transportation. The goal of the community-based program is to expose the young adult to situations, practice appropriate behavior in each situation while gaining skill and confidence in their ability. When appropriate, your young adult will work with other young adults.

The Goal

The goal of our programs is to make the best use of each child’s day and teach them the skills needed to be as successful as possible in a more typical setting. This will be accomplished by improving upon each learner’s strengths and building upon areas of deficit,  including teaching new skills (acquisition) and possibly “unteaching” unwanted behaviors (deceleration).

Many learners will have a “braided” program, consisting of services provided by Little Star and their local school district. From day one the focus of your child’s individual program is to ensure they have the skills needed to be as successful as possible in this more typical setting. As the transition process is so important, we will support your child in the new environment until he/she is ready for increased independence, then begin to slowly fade our services.