Little Star Center will participate in several conferences this fall to discuss and support autism services in Indiana. Leadership will participate in the following conferences: Florida Association for Behavior Analysis, Sept. 14-17 Tim Courtney, chief operations officer, and Vince LaMarca, clinical director, will present two topics based on their experience with autism services in Indiana: […]

By Dr. Breanne Hartley, BCBA-D Senior Clinical Director Children are being diagnosed with autism earlier and earlier. Some children are as young as 18 months when they receive an autism diagnosis. Identifying an autism diagnosis at an early age can result in better future outcomes for a child, that is, if steps are taken to […]

Meg DiMartino joined Little Star Center four years ago. As clinical director of the In-Home Program at Little Star Center, she oversees therapy program development and supervises staff and learners. Here’s more information about Meg: What do you most enjoy about your job at Little Star Center? Providing support and guidance to the team members that […]

Dan Unumb, former executive director of the Autism Speaks Legal Resource Center, is now a part-time contractor working in partnership with Little Star Center. Dan is advocating for families at Little Star Center and throughout the state as they face legal challenges with insurance coverage. He also is in the development stages of a new […]

By Dr. Breanne Hartley, BCBA-D Senior Clinical Director Approximately 25 percent of children have sleep problems. For children with autism, this percentage significantly increases to approximately 45-80 percent.  It is extremely important for all children to get proper rest. A child who is not well rested will often demonstrate irritability, problem behavior, and potentially impaired academic […]

Personal relationships in the workplace can be challenging, but the five couples at Little Star Center who mix work and marriage are finding a healthy balance. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, two of our couples share their stories of work-family balance. Casey and Maggie Moore, married five years. Casey is program and clinical project specialist in […]