Autism Resources

The Little Star center team provides an aba program for autism. There are many resources available for parents. Check out the list below.

General Autism Resources & Information

  • INPeat: Little Star Center is a founding member of Indiana providers of Effective Autism Treatment (INPeat). The organization mission is to enhance the professional success of member organizations, to facilitate relationships with payers, encourage and facilitate the adherence to high ethical and professional standards, and to promote a better understanding of the services provided by members. Read INPeat’s statement on the class action lawsuit filed in Indiana requesting ABA insurance coverage from Anthem. Little Star Center Executive Director is the board president. For more information about this organization, contact her via email.

  • Autism Society of America (ASA)

  • Autism Society of Indiana (ASI)

  • Autism Speaks

  • Autism Research Institute (ARI)

  • Indiana Resource Center for Autism (IRCA)

Local Support Groups

ABA Information (follow ABA Daily on Twitter)

ABA Autism Resources and Publications

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