For parents looking for help with autism near Indianapolis or throughout Indiana, read our outline of frequently asked questions below. Then contact the Little Star Center team by either calling or using our contact form to the right.

What programs are offered at Little Star Center?

Little Star Center provides intensive, daily ABA therapy to children and young adults with autism. Our centers are located in Carmel, Lafayette, Lafayette West and Bloomington. Services include in-home therapy.


Help with autism near IndianapolisWhat type of children do you serve?

We serve children and young adults who have been diagnosed with ASD or other disabilities. We have served children as young as 18 months and adults up to 26 years-old.


What are the hours?
Is your program year-round?

We offer part-time and full-time programs, which  vary in length depending on the needs of the learner.

  • Part-time programs are four hours or less and typically fall between the hours of 8:30am-12:30pm  or 12:30pm-4:00pm.
  • Full-time programs are six hours or more.

Little Star observes six holidays throughout the year for which we are closed. We are also closed for one to two weeks during the Christmas/New Year holiday.


Do you encourage group and social activities?


We have many group opportunities each day. These groups allow the learner’s to work on communication and social skills, as well as the prerequisite skills necessary for participating in a typical classroom setting.

We facilitate community outings as well which allow the learners to work on the social and problem solving skills needed to participate in real-life activities such as grocery shopping, going to the library, bowling, dining out, etc.


Does my child need to be toilet trained to attend Little Star?

No. We have a wonderful toilet training protocol and have successfully assisted many learners with reaching this important milestone.


My child is on a special diet, is that okay?Little Star Center

Yes. We strictly adhere to the parent’s wishes in this regard. Parents are responsible for providing their learners food each day, and each learner has their own cupboard in which to store their items. We also are able to accommodate the dispensing of medication and/or supplements if that is part of the learner’s care.


Does insurance pay for ABA?

We are fortunate to live in a state that has a very strong mandate in regards to insurance coverage for Pervasive Developmental Disorders, which includes autism. If your child is covered by an Indiana health insurance plan, there is a very good chance that he or she is covered for ABA. If you would like to find out more about this, please call the center and we can help you determine if your plan provides this coverage. Through the Affordable Health Care Act, Indiana plans typically cover ABA therapy.


How does a child get into Little Star?

The child would have to be assessed at our facility by our team which includes a Clinical Director, Program Manager, Speech Therapist and other therapists, as needed. Based on the findings of the assessment, recommendations are made about the need and intensity of programming. If the family wishes to proceed with enrollment, the source of funding is then secured and staffing arrangements are made based on the anticipated schedule of attendance.

What should I do if we’re interested in more information?

Little Star operates centers in Carmel, Lafayette and Bloomington. Contact us for a tour and time to meet with our staff. Either call or email now.